At the the end of the day, nobody gives a fuck about you. it's only you in the end. life is a joke, the only thing that is interesting is sex and creativity. fuck everything else. god doesn't even care what you do, it's only you beating off in the corner. do whatever the fuck you want to do. fuck your parents. fuck your sister, brother, fuck everyone. do what the fuck you want. if you're afraid to break the rules your a pussy. a big bitch. there's nothing holding you back besides you're bitch ass worries. if you don't want to be a slave, don't be one. don't be a bitch. life is a joke. everyone wants you to fail, nobody cares what you do. just go do something. burn the house down and get the fuck out. don't have kids. don't do it. once you have kids you're trapped. just wait. wait 20 years and then give it a thought. don't be a cunt. be nice to people that are good to you. fuck the haters. fuck your friends. go do what you want. go do it by yourself. isolation is the key. don't be afraid to be alone. express yourself fully. break from the shackles and be honest. brutal honesty will hurt anyone, but it's better than being a fake ass, piece of shit liar. if you don't like someone, be straight up. don't be a faggot and pretend to be friends with fake ass people. they will only tear you down in the end. everyone dies in the end, so it doesn't really matter anyway. no one can save you, you can only save yourself. turn off your tv and go express yourself. take your daily bullshit and anger and joy and happiness and unleash it all. go build something. go start a company. stop being an asshole, go rape life. rape life so hard that it explodes on your little dick. fuck em all. nobody actually cares.