life is been good. but there's always something to complain about. i get so depressed sometimes. i fucking go crazy. this feels like therapy for me. a way to escape. it seems that i'm always escaping. trying to run from something. but aren't we all. today i had sex 3 times. i couldn't cum, so jacked off instead. i came all over the bed and then ate shrimp tacos and orange sauce. it was good, but not as good as "la vics." i've been painting a lot lately. 

been playing a lot of guitar lately. wrote like 4 songs with a few friends of mine and we got a demo on cd. it sounds good for being recorded with a cell phone. santa cruz is a good place to make music. there is something in the air. 

i started driving for uber again, january is always a tough month for me. trying to hustle is stay alive in the bay area. san jose isn't cheap, but california is pretty expensive in general. sometimes i  feel like leaving it all. quit my job and go hitchhike across china. fuck society, just go do my own thing. traveling is fun, but you get a little lost. when i hitchhiked across canada, everyday is an adventure. there's nothing better than waking up on the couch of some local snowboarders whose house sits in front of mountain of snow. i'll try to find pictures. canada was fucking awesome. i would recommend everyone go there once in their life. montreal was my favorite. banff is a must see. calgary was awesome too.