when it cums to life, there's no balance. you pick a side. every fucking day i see people on social media exagerrate such a happy, care free lifestyle, but that's a fucking joke. you're life can't be as awesome as mine and still not be miserable. i spend most my time either #painting or #drinking a tall can or bottle. i might not have much for you happy-go-lucky positive #fuckfaces, but i will guanrantee that i'm the most honest person you'll ever encounter. i just spent an hour typing a post and accedently deleted the whole thing, so now i'm starting over. as for #art, most artists today are fucking pussies. it's all bullshit . damien hirst fucking sucks. jeff koons is gayyyyyyyyy. there's nothing creative or innovative about your shit. fuck you and your boring style. as for me, there is no style, i express myself fully and do whatever the fuck i want on the canvas. if my entire existence was based on making money, i'd be the richest mother fucker alive. ive been offered multiple times to have sex with men, i remember about a year ago a middle aged-pill head offered me $500 to suck MY dick. of course i entertained the thought, after all, nobody would know and $500 is $500. but i said fuck off and that was that. however, if i was a women, i'd be the biggest fucking whore and sell the shit out of my body. you either go ALL IN or not at all. i'm going to vent because i have nothing better to do, and it makes me feel better. when i was 19 or 20 i hitchiked across the country from new york to california. that was when i first realized i had an addiction problem. i ate the shittiest food and smoked weed and drank all the time because in canada you could get into bars at 18. i also went on a sex spreee fucking as much as i could. for most of my teens i supressed my sex life and thought i'd go to hell for #fucking before marriage. however, after a handful of one night stands i'm still alive. nonetheless, i also learned that all people care about is #money #dinero . the best part of my life is that i don't owe a fucking dime to anyone. you can call me out all you want, but most of you fuckers are working to simply pay off your bullshit debt. you fell for the fucking system and now your a modern day #SLAVE! the jokes on you, not me. as for you rich kids with wealthy parents, keep sucking daddy's dick cause even that shit will run out. must be nice to eat from a golden spoon. my parents raised me the best they could and i'm thankful, but nonetheless they are still dissappointed in my choices. my bio-logical dad bounced to be a #musician, that's why I have 2 last names. my step dad and mother raised me most of their 20's and 30's. i fight there words too much and don't consider their christian ways anymore. the bible says, "obey your mother and father." That's where I fucked up.  i'm a free man and can bounce out of this shit hole when ever i want, but why am i still here? i don't fucking know. maybe cause i think california is not worth leaving, but there's so much more cooler shit out there. as for art, i'm still going all in. you fuckers want a good graphic designer, go to your local state college and you can easily find a fuck face who will make the perfect typography for your new fashioned business plan. i'm not here to paint commissions, i do what i want whenever the fuck i want. because of that, i've diggin myself a hole from the rest of the world. As #bukowski says, isolation is key.  i've always admired jesus christ, maybe that's sum deep subconcious shit. but nonethless, jesus went all in and never led up. you can kick me out of my own house, you can take all my money, but i never give in, unless im drunk. and even that where's away. i got 10 minutes left to say my shit before the library kicks me out. if you're looking to make a a lot of money in life, i can tell you exactly what you need to do, you need to be a whore and suck everyones #dick. that's the #secret. you can't think for yourself, you got to do exactly what your told, spoon to mouth. sort of what barrack obama is doing with all our bullshit requests of the #president. miley cyrus put her ass up on public television and now she's the richest teenager alive. that's what it takes. you go ALL in. stick your #dick as far up that wet pussy as you kan and explode. throw your dick on the table and fuck the world. after reading many #philosophies i've cultivated my own: you either get raped by life, or you get up and #rape life. it's your choice. either get a dick up your ass or you do the #fucking. as for me, i'm going to continue to rape life till that shit dies out. till its a dead corpse. look out #hollywood here i cummmmmmmmmmm. anddd always remember, don't be stupid, ALWAYS PULL OUT! Wordzz mean nut-hinggg