ohhhh how I luvvvvvvv #woMEN


this is rianna, I'm sure I wrote about her down below but it looks like it's time for an update. this time last year I was dating rianna whom I met off #tinder. she was more of a lil' sibling then a gf but I was single so I went with it. mind you I had just gotten out of jail and was actively drinking and going to the strip club almost every weekend. I had a shit ton of money then. I was not fond of driving half and hour every time to see her so I told her to look into getting her license. she didn't like that and through a fit. I told her early on in the relationship that I didn't have an Instagram, but one day she saw me browsing through the Instagram feed and got pissed. here's the truth, during the time I made an Instagram for only my art, it wasn't even my real name, I used the name "zebratears" and made sure no one knew who I was. I didn't follow friends or family, only artists that I liked, so I didn't want anyone knowing about my account. She found out and put the silent treatment on me. She told me to take her home and she didn't say a word. Apparently girls put guys on probation periods because that's what she informed me of. I thought it was a joke and let it go. She also wanted to hang out wiff other guys ALL the time, I wasn't down for that. I know how guys are and they're just as horny as me, so I said fuck em. Long story short things came to a climax and I wrote her a nasty letter about her and her mother. Mind you, it was a very dark and detailed letter about everything that is possibly wrong with her and her boring life. I guess God gifted me with the "gift of gab," and I can fuck people up with my words. So more then a year later after never speaking to her, I found her on tinder and thought it'd be a joke to add her. Turns out she still has a heart full of hated towards me. I guess I'm hard to get over...I'm pretty irresistible when I think about it 😉 nonetheless I agree with most of what she says, that's why I'm a bit confused on why she sent it.... Especially my small dick, but even she knows that I fucked her, soooooooooo....

my small dick inside of you. don't you remember??? 

my small dick inside of you. don't you remember??? 

I love how she brings my mother into the situation, VERY mature. My mother knows I'm crazy and that I need therapy. The funny thing is I actually sent the text to my mother anyways, so #fuckit. And as far as drawing her, please don't flatter yourself rianna, I have an imagination that far beyond surpasses the curves on your body. I know I can be an asshole, but sometimes in life you have to. I know your reading this and I have nothing bad to say about you except that I love you ♥️ and I hope your life is fucking #awesome now that hundreds of people know about you 🙏🏻😇 #amen