love is overrated. if youre in a relationship get out. if your married your fucked. if your getting a proposal say no. just don't do it, not yet. do you know what forever fucking means! "till death do us part" THATS IT. theres no one else entering your life who you can love. you get one chance. people think i'm an asshole for saying this shit but the biggest asshole is the person that leaves their wife/husband. your a big fucking liar. you broke the promise. that's why you don't get married. you either stick it out or you don't get married. if you think that theres this magical prince wondering around the city looking up at the moon, hoping to one day meet you, your going to be very disappointed. kill the illusion. let it go. people think that love lasts forever, your wrong. not in this world. EVERYTHING COMES TO AN END. EVERYTHING. don't you get it. the best part of a relationship is the first 3 months, after the honeymoon period, it all gets stagnant and mundane. the best part is the first kiss. the best part is pulling her fucking rose red laced thong off and seeing her wet pussy for the first time. the best part is walking around town holding hands at your first dinner date. after 3 months, the butterflies are gone. don't end up like me, don't get dumped, be the dumper. Marilyn Monroe said it best, smart girls leave before they're left. of course the feelings hurt and you're probably going to cry for an entire week or two, guess what, that shit passes just like everything else. get over it and move on. I thank god everyday that i'm single. the best thing that ever happened to me is when I got dumped at 18 years old for the so called "love of my life." she's friends on all my social media and probably hates reading this shit, but I don't give a fuck. life was fucking awesome and I thought she was amazing. I lost my sacred virginity to her and thought we would get married. she was the one. I was the best boyfriend, the best. I did everything and more for this girl. I was so romantic and dropped most of my friends for her. but that's the first fuck up, NEVER LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS FOR A GIRL/GUY. my best friend has been fucking whipped with his girl for almost a decade, he never talks to me, he never calls me, he's fucking boring and miserable with the same girl. but that's the other thing, people change. they will leave you all for this idea of "love," but the only love that ever mattered is "bro love." if your a girl with no friends, you're either extremely hot and girls are jealous or your boring as shit. go make some friends. so I gave everything to this girl and I loved her. 3 months in, a week before valentines this dumb bitch broke up with me. I fucking cried like a little baby bitch. I was heart broken. I called my best friend and cried for an hour. I couldn't fucking believe it. she was the one. SHE WAS THE ONE. but that's the problem this society doesn't understand, THERE IS NO ONE!. There never will be. if you married and happy, someone sooner or later is going to die. no one makes it out of this shit show alive. I get the goosebumps talking about this shit. but it's the truth. i've learned to accept certain things with how people live their lives, but it makes no sense to me. some people are here to simply procreate and raise children and that's the purpose. but everyone does that. look at the reality of it! you have to pay for this child, you have to take care of this little bastard. and you're never going to love him/her enough, if your rich, he's going to hate you because you never bought him a ferarri. if your broke you didn't give him enough. it's never enough. the best decision any man can make is to wear a fucking condom. if your disciplined like me, you pull that dick out. PULL OUT. Always pull out. Of course it feels good!!!! but do you want to sign your life away to being a parent who's child is going to turn into a rotten little teenager braking rules and shit? my parents did the best they knew how, but look how I turned out. I never talk to my parents. I love them and they know that, but they only see black and white. it's god and nothing else. ignorance is bliss.  I guess that makes them "happy." but I can see past the blinders, I see it everywhere. I see it in most marriages. it's a routine, like an assembly line. people want to give you this idea that everythings fucking great and amazing, but theres a hurricane going on behind closed doors that nobody sees. I learned a few years ago that this idea of love is pretty destructive, especially for "nice guys." nice guys are the BEST boyfriend material, they do it all and care so much, but guess what, nice guys are fucking boring. why the fuck do you think the most attractive girls blow you off. YOU CARE TOO MUCH. my ex was not the most attractive but I fucking loved her, I was the nicest, and even they blow you off. the day you start to see past the bullshit is when you realize you've been brainwashed most of your life. if there is a hell, this is it. nice guys finish last. look at jesus. look at martin luther kind jr. abe Lincoln. Gandhi. they all got the cold shoulder. THAT'S REALITY. it took me a long, painful, time to accept it. i'm still dillusional, those are my mom's own words when she kicked me out of her house earlier this year, but whatever, she says crazy shit when she's emotional, most women do. I still love her though.  at the end of this bullshit rant, it all comes down to you. no one is going to save you. my  grandma brainwashed me with candy and toys all of my childhood to believe that jesus was going to be the superman in this life, but jesus isn't coming. there is no undconditional love, not on this earth. you only have yourself, you can ONLY SAVE YOURSELF. accept it and move on. keep trucking, keep chipping away, cause your just another expiration date. love always