when it comes to women, I love a nice pair of tits. But what I love more than tits are juicy lips. But what I love more than juicy lips are tight buttholes 🖖 2 in the pink 2 in the stink. i never check, just go head first. i remember fucking a college girl who never tried anal, she was cute and I was horny.  she was also on her period, so I had to #switchitup aka leave the comfort zone aka go #backdoor. when it's time to penetrate and you don't have lube, grab your throbbing dick and spit on that shit and rub it on the rim on her #butthole. after a lil' 4play and once they're turned on and dripping wet, every hole is wide open. if you go #backdoor, take it slow, there's a big difference between her ass and her pussy. the best part is you can cum inside and no prego #creampie. but as for me, i never cum inside. ALWAYS PULL OUT. Most guys want to cum inside cause it feels sooooo gooooood, and warm, and gooey and romantic and soft, but now you're gambling. when you're about to cum, take 2 fingers and push up on your gouche, if you don't know where that is, you shouldn't be having sex in the first place. if you're in a relationship and in luvvvvvvvv and if you want to explore the depths of sexual ecstasy, tell you're partner that you want to #buttfuck. if she's say no, she's either extremely religious or your a shitty fuck. I'm not saying I enjoy fucking random girls assholes, but when your horny and the chemistry is there, new experiences are introduced. but like momma always said, don't talk to strangers 💁🏼